Providing Columbia Mo with a quality dietary supplement

Providing Columbia Missouri with a quality dietary supplement. Nano sized silver ions make Beinki's own Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver the best locally made mineral supplement. I have also become a Youngevity Distributor. I will answer your questions the best I can


"I stayed home from work today as the rash has completely attacked my face. So after taking some Benadryl for the itching.

 As for my situation. It's a rash that started on my arm. It turned in to dermatitis after I itched and scratched it which is how it got infected. Then I went to the doctors got some antibiotics for the infection. It cleared it up and then it came back a couple days later with a vengeance and attacked my face. I went back to the doctors yesterday got some more antibiotic's for my face. But still I don't know what's causing it, or what is triggering it. I think it's starting out as an allergic reaction to but to be honest I just don't know." M
Thanks for sharing M. My suggestion for her was to spray the ionic silver onto the face 3-4 times a day and let air dy and at the same time drink one tablespoon or so of the colloidal silver 3 times a day holding it under the tongue for 3 minutes before swallowing. beinki

Our office cat got ringworm awhile back and no one wanted to take him to the vet so i got out my colloidal silver and gave him several eyedroppers full a day for a week and sprayed my ionic silver on the sores 2-3 times and day and BINGO no more ringworm and no vet bill :) Beinki
"I screwed up a couple of days ago and let my legs get sunburned pretty badly. Early that evening I noticed it when the skin started getting tight and the pain began to develop. So I sprayed your Colloidal Silver on until the skin was wet. It just sucked the heat and pain right out.  I haven't even had any discomfort, and it was bad. Just wanted you to know." Robert S.

.My wife's friend adopted a stray dog from the Humane society a while back. The dog has issues from being mistreated and she thought they might be able to give him a good home. But after several nips and bites, her Husband took a nasty bite on the arm. Of course he went to the doctor for treatment and stitches but after a week on prescription antibiotics the wound was not healing, in fact it was getting worse.  It was inflamed and infected. My wife reminded her friend to try the small spray bottle on ionic silver she had given her to use for burns in the kitchen. The husband was very skeptical but relented has there was nothing left to try. "OK, I'll spray it on once to see what happens." he said. By bedtime it was noticeable better, so he allowed his wife to spray the wound again and let it air dry. Morning came with dramatic results, after a week of using the ionic silver, it was nearly healed. Beinki

Having known Mike for 20 years, I thought I would give his new Beinki’s Own Colloidal Silver a try. I’m always getting cuts and scrapes and such so having it on had would be a good thing. But before I had a chance to try it out my girlfriend used some on her face for her Rosacea problem. At the time she was not sure if it worked. However the next morning she was ecstatic to see an improvement for which nothing else seemed to work. I am now letting my brother give it to his little girl to see if we can get rid of her acne. Thanks Mike.

Dave B.
Kidney infection:

   About a week ago a very close relative of mine who at this time wants to remain nameless, developed a severe kidney infection. Unfortunately for Her, bladder and kidney infections are rather a common re occurring problem.(underlying medical issue?) Each time she would get the BIG PHARMA antibiotics for the infection and slowly get better. Not overnight but a gradual improvement. And each time after taking the prescribed antibiotics she would inevitable end up with a yeast infection because the prescribed antibiotic kill all bacteria, good and bad wiping out her immune system. More on this in a moment. 

     OK so now she has been on the prescribed antibiotics for a day and a half with no improvement, High fever, flu like symptoms etc so my wife goes over to help out and I send along a batch of my colloidal and ionic silver made with the silverlungs generator. I instruct her to take two ounces of both types every hour alternating them from about noon to bedtime and re evaluate in the morning.

      You should know she is a BIG skeptic of my silver so I wasn't holding my breath to see if she would use it, especially since she already purchased expensive pharmacy drugs. But low and behold, the next morning she calls me at work, "What was in that stuff you gave me?" she asked. I went on to explain the difference between my ionic and colloidal silver and why I suggested the dosage I did. Well she felt so much better that she went to work! Now for full disclosure I don't know if it was my silver that did the trick or the prescribed antibiotics or a combination that worked, but since this is as close to in vivo testing I can do I'll take it.

     I will provide updates as needed. Why did she heal so quickly? Will she still have a yeast infection? Will she use only my silver next time? In regards to killing bacteria, 99% of your GOOD gut bacteria is Anaerobic bacteria  that do not need oxygen to survive. The Bad bacteria is aerobic, they do need oxygen to live and this is one of the keys to colloidal silvers success. Colloidal silver attacks the enzyme that the bad bacteria use to create oxygen thus suffocating the bad while not harming the good. 
    "PLEASE remember I am not advocating giving up your doctor in fact for any serious 
ailment You should see a doctor. I just want to pass on alternatives to the traditional way of thinking."  beinki

After 4 days in the hospital and 3 different antibiotics, the picture on the left is what Mark's hand looked like on 10/29. The picture on the right was taken 15 minutes ago, 24 hours after taking colloidal silver that I made. The doctors said that the staph inspection that he has is drug resistant. Nothing can resist silver. Josh

The Flu:
My daughter was home from school sick with the flu when Mike came over with the new lease. I told him she had been throwing up all morning and could not eat. That’s when Mike went and got his silver water(colloidal silver) and suggested I give her a teaspoon under the tongue every hour for the rest of the day. I gave it to her three times and by 5pm she was up jumping and playing like nothing was ever wrong, and then she ate all my fried chicken!

Shamira P.

Skin Cancer Treatment:
Hi Mike , I don't think I let you know how the black salve worked . Well I did what you told me to do and after 24 hours I took the band aids off ! I thought to myself at first "What did I do to myself ! " LOL Then I spayed the silver on it a few times a day and after a few days it looked great !

The skin that didn't have the cancer was perfect still and the cancer spots were gone ! Holy Crap Mike ! Thank you so much ! You might of saved my life cause I do not do doctors ! Oh, I almost forgot with the silver I received can I nebulize with it ? Let me know I have a cough and would love to use it via neb Mary 

My Friend Barclays grandson who is now 1year old has had a rash from day one and was never cured. I sent home a bottle of my colloidal spray and his daughter has been applying it topically for a week now with good results. In fact his daughter says that beinki’s own worked better then the high dollar store bought colloidal cream. Well what do you know. I will keep everyone updated.
NOTE: I am not a doctor and only suggest to folks what I would do. As always you should seek a professionals advice for all serious medical issues. Mike aka Beinki

Plantars Wart:
"My plantar's wart is gone after applying a band-aid soaked with Beinkis own colloidal silver two times over a day!" :) 3-25-2012

Diane Kitchell 

Dog wound:
"My dog got attacked buy a black bird ,there was a small hole in my dogs neck,i stopped the bleeding and put Beinkis Colloidal siver,on dog
CiCi for the next 3 days 3 times a day and the dog is fine No Vet. Bill Thanks Beinki"

 Kenny Staglik

Doug Sanders
"Had a fungus on my toenail. Medicine that doctor prescribed failed to permanently clear it up. Began applying beinki's Own Colloidal Silver twice a day. Within a week the fungus was gone." Doug Sanders

 Candida testimonial
Its Val here from Ireland & just to let you know I received the colloidal silver (amber color).  Was surprised at how quickly it arrived!
I can tell it’s a superior product already. I have candida issues & sometimes get abdominal pains.  Well I took a large spoon of the CS on an empty stomach and an hour later, the pain had really subsided!  I am hoping this isn’t just a coincidence!
Nothing else 'natural' had any effect on the abdominal pains. Lapacho tea helps but I've got to drink several cups of it. So I was amazed that one tablespoon of this could have the same effect! 


Youtuber stillwaterjames 
says "It solved my chronic sinusitis I had for 15 years."

Eye Sty
 "I woke up Monday morning with a sty in my eye. Sounds like a bad rhyme right.  A sty is an infection of the eyelid, resulting from a blocked oil gland probably from all the concrete dust I've been working in lately. So anyway it was very painful and I'm thinking what a pain to go to work with this sty so I used an eye dropper and placed a couple of 5ppm of my ionic silver in my eye and left for work and It wasn't until Tuesday that I realized I had completely forgotten about the sty. Once again beinki's own ionic silver to the rescue." beinki

 A couple of days ago I ran into a roofer friend of mine at Home Depot. As I was checking out he hollered "Hey Mike (aka beinki) I need to get more silver from you." It was last year we met on a roofing project and I turned him on to the clear ionic silver. He was having some sort of rash on his chest from roofing he said and the antibiotics the doctor gave him was not working. Now a year later he tells me that he sprayed my ionic silver on his rash and it went away only to return, so he sprayed it again only to have it return so he sprayed it a third time and no more rash for a year now. And to boot His wife had strep throat and she sprayed it in her mouth and BINGO! no more strep. It s times like these that makes all my efforts worthwhile. beinki

New York paramedic recommends colloidal silver

"When first diagnosed with severe Crohn's disease, I was put on immunosuppressants and biologic medications.  They would work for two weeks, then I would become much worse than before.  I did many hours of researching online and came across multiple Colloidal Silver testimonials including Beinki's blog.  I also found that most autoimmune diseases are caused by unknown pathogens.  

Colloidal Silver has allowed me to get off all medications.  I've never been hospitalized or had surgery.  Also, after being a paramedic for over 5 years and working in New York City, I no longer have any fear of communicable disease.  It has rid me of Strep throat, Pneumonia, and even MRSA which I undoubtedly contracted in the back of the ambulance while treating patients.  It has been a lifesaver for me."

"Thanks for sharing Chris. Folks, You can follow Chris's progress on his website" beinki


Just to let you know that after reading your posts at Turds site for a few years now and watching your videos today I was impressed enough to order the generator via the link at your web site.

Thanks for putting the information so clearly and carefully; now I know the difference between ionic and colloidal and, son-of-a-gun, it's all good!

Yours in health and truth,

Jeff (aka Question

Ionic silver helps gangrene

  I know I've treated myself well with the ionic silver I make.  I've discovered that I don't need store bought deodorant anymore.  I was getting a rash under my arms and had a painful blocked sweat gland.   What I've started doing is after my shower, I clean the area with isopropyl alcohol, let dry, then generously cover the area with the ionic silver, let dry, then powder with talc.  No smell at all.  Much better than store bought stuff and ZERO irritation.  If you want to use this as a testimonial, go ahead.  Also worthy of note that I live in the tropics and don't have a car.  We ride bikes here so I sweat plenty.  In addition to the underarm issue, I've had several weird rashes and some cuts that I've treated successfully as well as an infected sebaceous cyst.  A friend of mine who is diabetic had gangrene on her feet.  She noticed an improvement with the silver.  Unfortunately she didn't try the water soon enough has has since returned to the US for treatment.  I believe she will likely lose part of her toe, but she did tell me she's a believer.

Genital Wart testimonial

Dear Mr Beinki,
I wanted to pass on my own experience so that others would learn about the great healing benefits of colloidal silver. I had genital warts for a while before I had them frozen off the first time. It was a real drag having to sit in front of a doctor and let him do his thing and expensive, when it was all said and done it cost me about $250 but it worked... for a while. 
It was less than a year before they came back (The same warts? or from a new girlfriend? I don't know) Anyway, this is when I came upon your site while researching alternative cures and remembered that my Aunt had a silver lungs generator just like yours and had given all us kids some. I thought What the Hell, I'll try it if it will save me money.
So here is what I did. I took a band aid and added part of a cotton ball to it to make a larger coverage area and then taped it to my wanker where the wart was, about half the size of a dime. I took the silver which my Aunt says is Ionic silver and used an eye dropper to soak the cotton ball. I kept it moist and left it on for an entire week, through showers and everything. After one week I took it off and what did you know, NO MORE WART! I was very excited and richer.
Needless to say, I am now a true believer in the colloidal silver and don't think of my Aunt as quite the nut job I did. So use this as a testimonial sir to help others if you want.
That is great T. I will post this asap... sometimes we nut jobs do know a thing or two.  ;) beinki

Silver Lungs Generator Testimonial

My journey with colloidal silver began with my wife getting a nasty case of bronchitis, she was prescribed antibiotics three different times without really getting rid of it. We began to look for other means to cure this when we decided to purchase a silver lungs generator (the same method beinki uses to make his silver products). Once we had produced some ionic silver she used it in a nebulizer and by the end of the first day she was no longer coughing, by the end of second day all symptoms were completely gone. Since then I have successfully used the ionic silver to treat diaper rash, athletes foot, jock itch, pink eye, tooth decay, a burn, acne, several cuts and scrapes. While I've never scientifically measured this, it seems that the ionic silver promotes faster healing of cuts and scrapes and as funny as this may sound it is also effective in getting the stink out of everything from a sweaty arm pit to a foul pair of boots. I highly recommend silverlungs produced silver products, if you are on the fence or aren't sure of it's ability to kill germs you can always use it in conjunction with other methods but after seeing it for yourself you will be sold.

John H. from Connecticut

My daughter introduced me to colloidal silver (that she got from you).  A few days ago, I was frying something and hot oil splashed and hit me above the knee. I was wearing shorts.  I ran and put some colloidal silver on it and in an hour, it was gone.  If I hadn't done that, I would have had a red blotch and later, a huge blister!  The next day there was nothing there!
I am a retired medical technician and I remember that we used to put a silver-based cream on burns at the industrial clinic where I worked. I’ll be ordering more from you.”

Haydee Pavia-California


“My 3 year old daughter had pink eye and I didn’t want to take her to the doctor because prescription medication is so expensive. Mike told me that Colloidal Silver would clear it right up, I was a little hesitant to try it since it wasn’t “off the shelf” , but I did some research and talked to my sister who is an RN. She told me that silver was used in all kinds of medicines at the hospital. After reading several testimonies and getting the approval from my sister I decided to give it a shot. Within 2 days my daughters eyes were cleared up and it didn’t hurt her at all! I was so relieved! My 5 year old son also had a rash on the back of his leg that itched and had pimple-like bumps on the rash. Mike, again, told me that the Colloidal Silver would clear it right up! I put it on my sons’ leg 2x a day for a week and so far the rash has really cleared up and it doesn’t itch anymore. The rash isn’t 100% gone, but it has definitely faded.  I am a fan of this stuff and will be a lifelong client!”

-Melissa Grindstaff

Hey Mike,
Thought I'd drop you a line to tell you, once again, how Beinki's Own colloidal silver saved the day.  And a big Vet bill.
My pup Dozer surprised a stray cat in his doghouse, and suffered a scratch to his eye.  He was blinking a lot and wiping his eye, which rapidly reddened so I know he got tagged pretty bad.  So I grabbed my handy bottle of the colloidal silver and put a couple of drops in his eye, and repeated this process 4-5 times a day.  By the third day, he was all better and there was no sign of infection or injury.  Yay Beinki!!

I am afflicted with genital herpes.  Four or five times a year, I will break out with a small area of blisters, which are very painful and itch horribly for a couple of weeks.  During my last outbreak, a friend had given me a spray bottle of Beinki's Own Colloidal Silver to use.  I figured it was worth a go, so a half dozen times a day, I would spray the affected area.  To my surprise, the blisters dried up within 3-4 days, and there was little pain or itching.  Hallelujah!!  Beinki's is the closest thing to a cure that there is!  Thank you SO much for this product!!  

   I went to light a LP gas water when the gas lite and flashed back in my face.  It burnt  the hair on my hand and arm and eye brow.  The big thing was my eye must have been burnt.

I was concerned about a burn and infection, and I needed to keep my eye moist so I only had one choice.  That was colloidal silver.  I keep it in a spray bottle and I would spray it in my eye to keep it moist and try and prevent an infection from the burn.  during the day I could fell my eye being ruff and dry. So would spray my eye with colloidal silver.

I have a close friend that told me I was wrong how ever she changed her mind after she talked to a retired  eye doctor.     He told her that what I was doing was old school.  And I have to say colloidal silver is great stuff.

I’ve also used it on an ear infection and  cuts.   I wish the Colloidal Silver wasn’t  such a secret.

The JC Email testimonial:

Hello Mike, 

      I'm a 21 year old male, 175 lbs, at 6'1". I've been doing some research on the beneficial properties of colloidal silver. I'm currently suffering from a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) that have been infecting my kidneys. On going for about 5 months now, I've never taken colloidal silver. I've done just about everything to help cure my elements, but nothing seems to work. I drink water and herbal tea with a balanced healthy diet. I've been to the doctor several times with no success at feeling better, with the treatment of dangerous antibiotics. At this point I'm willing to try anything to feel that much better. I haven't been sexually active in over a year. I've had an STD test with passing results. From my research and understanding your product seems to be the most helpful and pure. I watch your videos on YouTube*, and think highly of what you do with your knowledge and expertise with this medicine. Have you had any success stories from anyone with this disease with the help of your product?

     Anyway, I thank you very much for taking the time to hear me out on this situation. I was interesting in  a (16 oz) bottle of your True Colloidal Silver for internal use. Hope to hear from you friend!



Dear JC,
Hell yes my colloidal silver will CURE a UTI. Just about a month ago my sister in-law came down with a bladder infection(a frequent occurrence for her)after a round of prescription drugs that did not work she ended up with a severe kidney infection and begged for help- She was a big skeptic of my silver. So I told her take about ounce of each the ionic and colloidal silver 3to four times a day, hold under the tongue before swallowing(helps to enter the bloodstream) and bingo the next morning she felt well enough to go back to work.
Remember I like to hear your results so that I can continue to refine dosage's etc.
Mike aka Beinki

  Yes sir, Thank you for your quick response and testimonial. I'm still skeptical ingesting Colloidal Silver despite all the positive reviews. What are the benefits of having a mixture of Ionic and True Colloidal Silver for internal use. Isn't the Ionic meant for topical/nasal use? How long have you been using this element? Have you had your product tested in a laboratory? Have you ever had any bad side effects long term or with anyone using your product? 

Thank you for time and opinion.


The ionic is for the nose and mouth, lungs, skin, ears, anywhere in a low chloride environment. My reasoning for the bended is to have the ionic absorbed into the bloodstream ,low chloride, where it will help fight the infection. Ionic is slightly positively charged(missing one electron) which means it naturally is attracted to negatively charged bacteria and virus' The colloidal silver is not effected by the salts in the stomach and will kill the infection has it passes through the system. I have been using it for 2-3 years NO SIDE EFFECTS I have drank 20 0unces at one time. Yes the product that is made by the silver lungs generator has been tested. You are at more of a risk of side effects from prescription drugs!
Try my silver you will not be disappointed

Hello Mike!
        Thank you! I received your well packaged item in the mail today around noon 25/4/2013. I took about a mouth full of the solution and held it under my tongue for about a minute before swallowing it. Would it be wise not to drink alcohol (few beers) when ingesting the solution?

Anyway thank you again for the prompt and speeding delivery.

I would have to say refrain from drinking alcohol for a couple of hours when taking silver. Not that it would harm you, only that it might reduce the effectiveness. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.
Mike aka Beinki

Dear Mike,
        I finished the jar in about 3 days with the relief I so desperately sought after. I'm feeling much better, but not exactly where I want to be. I just wished I had more of the solution. My kidneys seem to be working much better. I've gotten over my flu like symptoms within a day. I had a lung infection too which has subsided. But, I feel like another jar would help me.. Could you help me out somehow? I would appreciate your opinion.

Thanks again.

Well Mike,
         After 6+ months of being sick you saved my life. Whatever infection I had.. It has seemed to have diminished. I truly believe that your Colloidal Silver had a significant impact on me getting better.  My Kidney's are still inflamed, but without the excruciating pain. I've cut out the alcohol, and I'm just drinking up to 2 gallons of water each day with a daily dose of Vitamin C 500-1000+ mg . I can't begin to thank you for your generous donation which helped me a tremendous amount.  I'm now a true believer in what this element can actually do.  I give you my sincere positive wishes my friend. I will be in contact with you if the symptoms persist. 
Thank you so very much sir
Mike came over to fix my roof and before long we got to talking about health issues and how I had a stye developing in my eye. Well he gave me his ionic silver to try and I sprayed it in my eye twice a day and in to days there was no stye and no pain either. I am finding many more uses daily. Patty gamblin 

I used beinki's ionic silver to treat a burn wth great success. It immediately felt cool a reduced the pain and it is not scaring. Compare this to the burn that I did not treat and see for yourself.  Tom 

Candace and pet
"I recently went to the home of Candace Palmer to check out her wet basement to to the recent heavy rains. I told Candace I would be back in two days to fix the problem and as we were talking she mentioned her pet dog had an infection on his face(apparently common for this breed) she had just gotten a prescription from the vet the day before for topical and internal antibiotics, but was worried about applying it so close to his eyes. I said not to worry and gave her some of my ionic silver to try. When I arrived two days later she was amazed that the dog was completely healed by spraying the silver directly on the infection twice a day for two days.(She did not give the dog the prescription antibiotics) I might add Candace is a nurse and now a believer in beinki's own colloidal silver!" beinki

Ionic silver grows finger back

“OK That is over stating it a bit, but not by much. Last night my wife was using her new slicer and removed two large chunks from her fingers (fortunately they did not end up in my salad). She immediately sprayed the ionic silver on the wounds, even while bleeding and then placed band aids over the wounds. After two more silver sprayings her gashes were markedly improved by only this morning! This confirms by belief in the cell regenerative properties of colloidal and ionic silver.” beinki

Silver Sunburn
I was pretty stupid - I got a really bad sunburn on my shoulder and arm Saturday - I though I'd be in the shade the whole time at a local fair - I sat there almost 4 hours and the sun was brutal - I knew I was getting burned, but I was stuck. I moved when I could, but... The next day the shoulder and arm exposed to the sun was, I kid you not, blood red and more than sore - like 1000 bees stinging - I sprayed the colloidal silver and the pain just melted away - it's amazing! soon as it starts to hurt again I just spray a little more this stuff is great, it really works course next time I'm going to bring an umbrella. Marnie

 Lyme disease
I wanted to follow up with you about the colloidal and ionic silver and the mud (Bentonite clay)you sent. I've been on three harsh oral antibiotics since early October (I had started with one in September) and people keep asking why I haven't had any problems with yeast. I've taken probiotics and I'm certain that has helped, but I'm also quite sure the colloidal silver has helped as well. My skin has broken out on my face, chest, and back, and the mud has been amazing in helping to clear that up. I was bitten by a spider about three weeks ago, and I think a spider bite was the cause of the current infection. This time, I applied the ionic sliver and the mud, as you had suggested, and I had no symptoms as far as I could determine. The ionic silver has also been very helpful in assuaging the itching I have gotten as a side effect or Herxheimer reaction (can't tell which). I'm hoping that the colloidal silver is helping to carry the toxins out of my system and maybe kill a few other errant invaders on the way through!

Soon I will be ready to order more, so I'll be back in touch with you within the next couple of weeks. I wonder if you have any questions for me? And I noticed on your site that you'd done your own experiment on Candida and I wondered how that turned out?

I still feel pretty crappy, but I return to the Lyme doctor on Wednesday to find out what is next. Hope all is well with you. Thank you again so much for everything; I'm sure I'm doing so much better thanks to your help.


“Last week my wife came down with a case of shingles. As you know the shingles virus is very painful because it resides in the nerve endings. Anyway, when we first noticed it, it looked like a bug bite or spider bite so we put some pulling ointment on it with no luck. It wasn’t until the next day I saw that it was shingles. So immediately I had her drinking the amber colored colloidal silver I made for her, about an ounce every hour or so, holding it under her tongue before swallowing. She also sprayed the affected area with my ionic silver repeatedly and kept a bandage soaked in it on the area. By the second day she said she felt no more pain and that it seemed to be clearing up. These are the photos I took. There is no cure for shingles but my colloidal silver is the next best thing!” Beinki

Shortly after dinner two nights ago, I noticed a minor pain by my back upper molar. I didn't think much of it at the time thinking some food must have gotten stuck, so after brushing my teeth, I went to bed. When I woke at 2a.m. the pain was so bad i could feel the throbbing in my head. I realized then I had an abscess. So I used a toothpick and picked and poked the inflamed area and spit out all the blood and aggressively brushed the area again and this time I gargled several times over 30 minutes with my ionic silver to kill the bacteria. Almost immediately I felt some minor relief so i went back to bed and when I woke for work, the pain was 80%gone, only a slight irritation. So I spray more ionic silver through out the day yesterday for good measure and when I woke today no pain at all, no inflammation, nothing! So there you are another first hand testimonial from me. stay safe, stay well, beinki


  1. How do I get some?

    1. I have not set up any shopping cart as of yet, so just call my cell phone 999-6935 and we can arrange a time to meet. Thanks for your interest.

  2. i demand to buy some! haha seriously, i want your product. i'll send you a check if you can send by usps email: thefink (at) me (dot com)

  3. Email your address and contact info and I will be happy to

  4. My dog got attacked buy a black bird ,there was a small hole in my dogs neck,i stopped the bleeding and put Beinkis Colloidal siver,on dog
    CiCi for the next 3 days 3 times a day and the dog is fine No Vet. Bill Thanks Beinkis

  5. how can I get this product? how much is the price?

  6. Email your address and contact info and I will be happy to help. 160z is $25 plus shipping