Providing Columbia Mo with a quality dietary supplement

Providing Columbia Missouri with a quality dietary supplement. Nano sized silver ions make Beinki's own Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver the best locally made mineral supplement. I have also become a Youngevity Distributor. I will answer your questions the best I can

Saturday, November 22, 2014

silver cures infection in Cat's eye

Dear Sir,
For whatever it's worth, I wanted to give you a short story of my own:   our family cat had one eye swollen shut.   It was caused from allergy that turned into infection.
Initially our local vet sold us an expensive salve to apply to the eye (it's chronic for our kitty).   It was expensive but worked great.   Come to find out that salve was discontinued, as Big Pharma wanted use to pay even more money for a drug even more exotic - and it wasn't even a salve anymore.
At that point I tried simply applying a couple drops of silver solution into the affected eye.   The very next day that infection was gone and the eye was perfectly normal.
In our particular case, I spent a lot of time doing research to find out not just what equipment you use but how to use it to, per making this product.  My fear - and hopefully it's wrong - is that someday we'll all wake up and common sense supplements like this will be illegal.   In that case I'll quietly continue to just make my own for our personal use.
In any case, keep up the good work over there.   I read news updates on your blog/website often.
Joe From Michigan  Thanks for sharing Joe

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