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Monday, August 18, 2014

Infection fears rise as Ebola victims flee

SEVENTEEN Ebola patients in Liberia who fled a quarantine centre after it was attacked by club-wielding youths were missing yesterday, striking a fresh blow to efforts to contain the deadly virus.
The attack on the Monrovia centre on Sunday (AEST) highlighted the challenge faced by authorities battling the epidemic that has killed 1145 people since it erupted in west Africa early this year, spreading panic among local populations.
Doctors and nurses are not only fighting the disease but a deep mistrust in communities often in the thrall of wild rumours that the virus was invented by the West or is a hoax.
“They broke down the door and looted the place. The patients have all gone,” said Rebecca Wesseh, who witnessed the raid in the Liberian capital’s densely populated West Point slum.
The attackers, mostly young men armed with clubs, shouted insults about President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and yelled “there’s no Ebola”, she said, adding nurses had also fled the centre. READ MORE

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