Providing Columbia Mo with a quality dietary supplement

Providing Columbia Missouri with a quality dietary supplement. Nano sized silver ions make Beinki's own Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver the best locally made mineral supplement. I have also become a Youngevity Distributor. I will answer your questions the best I can

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top Health Stories of 2012

Mike Adams, the health ranger sheds light on the real stories of medical tyranny in to watch video

Friday, December 28, 2012

MRSA superbug found in British milk

The superbug – already a problem in farm animals on the Continent – can cause serious and occasionally deadly infections in humans and is becoming a cause of udder infections in dairy cows.
The strain of MRSA known as ST398 is resistant to antibiotics, so doctors find it difficult to treat infected people effectively.
And farmers, vets and abattoir workers who come into contact with the cows and their calves can become infected, allowing the bug to spread into the wider community. That has happened in the Netherlands where the same strain of MRSA has caused illness among nursing home residents.
MRSA ST398 was first seen in pigs in Holland in 2003. It has since become epidemic in European and North American pig populations and has spread to poultry and cattle.
It is one of a number of superbugs that have emerged in recent years, apparently as a result of the overuse of antibiotics by farmers treating sick animals. Over time the farm animal bugs develop a resistance. READ MORE

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fellow Turdite's Testimonial

Just to let you know that after reading your posts at Turd's site (TF Metals Report) for a few years now and watching your videos today, I was impressed enough to order the generator via the link at your web site.

Thanks for putting the information so clearly and carefully; now I know the difference between ionic and colloidal and, son-of-a-gun, it's all good!

Yours in health and truth,
Jeff (aka Question)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beinki's Colloidal Silver cures Kidney infection

     To be completely honest, I would add maybe to the title of this post. About a week ago a very close relative of mine who at this time wants to remain nameless, developed a severe kidney infection. Unfortunately for Her, bladder and kidney infections are rather a common re occurring problem.(underlying medical issue?) Each time she would get the BIG PHARMA antibiotics for the infection and slowly get better. Not overnight but a gradual improvement. And each time after taking the prescribed antibiotics she would inevitable end up with a yeast infection because the prescribed antibiotic kill all bacteria, good and bad wiping out her immune system. More on this in a moment.

     OK so now she has been on the prescribed antibiotics for a day and a half with no improvement, High fever, flu like symptoms etc so my wife goes over to help out and I send along a batch of my colloidal and ionic silver made with the silverlungs generator. I instruct her to take two ounces of both types every hour alternating them from about noon to bedtime and re evaluate in the morning.

      You should know she is a BIG skeptic of my silver so I wasn't holding my breath to see if she would use it, especially since she already purchased expensive pharmacy drugs. But low and behold, the next morning she calls me at work, "What was in that stuff you gave me?" she asked. I went on to explain the difference between my ionic and colloidal silver and why I suggested the dosage I did. Well she felt so much better that she went to work! Now for full disclosure I don't know if it was my silver that did the trick or the prescribed antibiotics or a combination that worked, but since this is as close to in vivo testing I can do I'll take it.

     I will provide updates as needed. Why did she heal so quickly? Will she still have a yeast infection? Will she use only my silver next time? In regards to killing bacteria, 99% of your GOOD gut bacteria is Anaerobic bacteria  that do not need oxygen to survive. The Bad bacteria is aerobic, they do need oxygen to live and this is one of the keys to colloidal silvers success. Colloidal silver attacks the enzyme that the bad bacteria use to create oxygen thus suffocating the bad while not harming the good. 
    "PLEASE remember I am not advocating giving up your doctor in fact for any serious 
ailment You should see a doctor. I just want to pass on alternatives to the traditional way of thinking."  beinki

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Columbia Public Schools push Vaccines to combat Influenza

COLUMBIA- It's not clear yet if the Influenza B virus that caused a spike in cases in Cole County has crept north into Boone County, but many Columbia Public Schools students and employees are prepared in case it does.
"We have a grant, an anonymous donor and a wonderful relationship with the Columbia Boone County Health Department that allows us to provide vaccines, the flu vaccine, to all of our students as well as all of our employees," said Columbia Public Schools Spokeswoman Michelle Baumstark. "We feel that definitely helps mitigate the flu outbreaks some other school districts experience." READ MORE  " Let me say it here. I DO NOT RECOMMEND VACCINES! I will bet dollars to doughnuts my colloidal silver used with a nebulizer would do more to prevent and or cure anyone from the influenza virus." beinki

Sunday, December 9, 2012

How much colloidal silver should I take?

Dosages for colloidal and ionic silver

There is no hard and fast rule as to the amounts to be taken but I will give you a little history and my personal opinions so you may make your own conclusions.
The reason there are no recommended dosages is the FDA does not view colloidal silver as a cure for anything and therefore not a drug. It is only recognized by them as a mineral or dietary supplement(yea right).

First understand when most people talk about colloidal silver they are mistakenly referring to Ionic silver. Ionic silver is clear and should be stored in brown or blue bottles.

Ionic silver is used topically(on the skin) spray it directly on the problem as often as needed and let air dry. Use it for cuts, infections, scrapes, burns, warts, fungus all kinds of things. Use it in the eyes for pink eye a couple a drops every few hours should do it. Ear infections, and as a nasal spray for sinus infections. In the mouth for tooth infections, etc and can be held under the tongue to help enter the bloodstream. Ionic can also be drank or nebulized but it is best used in a low chloride environment as described above.

A true colloidal silver is amber in color and may be stored in clear glassware as UV does not affect it. Colloidal silver is made when the missing electrons are added to the silver ions making a larger atom thus becoming unaffected by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, therefore I suggest using it for all internal problems, food poisoning, blood issues etc. It can also be nebulized. Many times I would suggest using both for internal issues.
Dosages for colloidal silver really depend on the severity of the problem I feel. If you have bad food poisoning and feel like you want to die I would suggest 8 oz immediately then 4oz every hour till symptoms subsides. On the other end if you just want a daily dose for maintenance I should think anything up to one ounce a day is fine.

Back before Big Pharma and there patents, Doctors in the 1920’s and 30’s generally used the “Incremental Daily Dosage” method, which started patients on a low dosage and vied their response. If they did not see results quickly then the dosages were increased. If the dosage was to high the patient might have a “herxheimer” reaction which is flu like symptoms when to much of the bad bacteria dies of all at one releasing their toxins. At this point the dosage would be backed off.

I am not a doctor. For any ailment it is wise to consult your family doctor.   beinki

Friday, December 7, 2012

Colloidal Silver cures skin tag

"Colloidal Silver Cured the Ugly Skin Tag on My Eyelid!" "I had an ugly skin tag growing on my eyelid... so large that I could see it with my own eye.... had a business card for a plastic surgeon to remove it... started spraying a cotton pad with silver and putting it under my sleep mask.... VIOLA !!! it disappeared.... but one side effect.... my eyelashes have grown back thicker, fuller and longer... I LOVE to sleep with damp cotton pads under my sleep mask and won't go without them...... lolololol"

-- D.S., Robstown, TX
From the Colloidal Silver Testimonials page

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ionic silver saves on vet bills

"Once again my cat found himself on the lousing end of a fight. I'll give him credit though, even without front claws he won't back down from the bigger neighbor cats. This time however my wife and I was unaware he was cut and bitten until my wife smelled the infection and noticed how lethargic the cat had become. In the old days before my silverlungs colloidal silver generator, we would take him to the vet and get a bill for $120 for the visit and a shot of antibiotics. NOT ANYMORE! My wife cleand the infected area and sprayed beinki's own ionic silver on the area twice a day for two days and I added about four ounces to his water bowl. We noticed that by the next morning he was feeling better and no more "smell" and by the second day he was back to his old self. I should note, this his the third time in the last 18 months the cat has been in a fight and received my colloidal/ionic silver with TREMENDOUS results". beinki