Providing Columbia Mo with a quality dietary supplement

Providing Columbia Missouri with a quality dietary supplement. Nano sized silver ions make Beinki's own Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver the best locally made mineral supplement. I have also become a Youngevity Distributor. I will answer your questions the best I can

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Doctors warn of severe viral infections

CHANDIGARH: If your child has been coughing and sneezing, doctors advise more caution this season. With dengue and dengue-like viruses in the air, the already-compromised immunity can make one vulnerable to many viruses that have set in with the drop in temperature.
People complaining of upper respiratory infections, including sore throat and cough accompanied by fever, are pouring in city hospitals. The problem is especially acute in children under the age of two. Though the viruses causing these infections — rhinovirus and adenovirus — are common in cold temperature, this time the doctors warn of their severity. Dengue and dengue-like cases are already there in large numbers. READ MORE

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