Providing Columbia Mo with a quality dietary supplement

Providing Columbia Missouri with a quality dietary supplement. Nano sized silver ions make Beinki's own Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver the best locally made mineral supplement. I have also become a Youngevity Distributor. I will answer your questions the best I can

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

E Coli in Boone County Missouri

The Missouri State Public Health Lab has confirmed a fifth case of E. coli in Boone County.
Statewide, public health officials have confirmed 15 cases of E. coli, including the fifth case in Boone County and two cases reported this week in Cole County. READ MORE

Here is a study showing the effectiveness of silver ions on e coli

FDA Breaks Promise on Proposed New Supplement Rules

FDA promised not to enforce the NDI guidance until it was final. Last Friday, they broke that promise.
The specific provision that FDA has decided to enforce is the one that says synthetic botanical s will no longer be considered New Dietary Ingredients and must never be sold as supplements, only as drugs.READ MORE